Carpet & Chaos: What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Damaged upholstery can be a nightmare to deal with! In some cases, you just wouldn’t know what to do! Here are 6 common causes of upholstery damage in the domestic environment.


Floods can be disastrous, and when it has ruined your carpet after sparing lives, it can be tough to choose between feeling devastated or glad. A carpet that’s been ruined by floods can seem almost impossible to have restored. Thankfully however, today, there are quite many options or services rather that you can turn to bring your favourite damaged upholsteries back to life.

Hand over your carpet to one of these awesome services and they should transform the wet, damp, and smelly mess to something as good as new! Look for the best carpet cleaners in Canberra and reach out to them straight away the next time you’ve got a situation!


There is more than on kind of damage that can be done to your precious carpets by pets. It’s not just cat/dog pee and poo that can make an ugly mess and damage your carpet, but also their fur, and stains from their food. Keep in mind that pets love scraping rugs and carpets with their nails, and this could cause quite a bit of damage on your carpets, too.

While wears and tears can be a little tough to fix, stains, dirt, and debris can always be removed and completely gotten rid of given that they are treated properly. Again, try not to do things at home if the damage is bad, and hand the item over to a cleaning service, instead!


Homes with kids are likely to have stains on the couches and carpets from constant and careless eating and snacking. They are kids after all, and you cannot really blame them. It’s always a good idea to try your best to protect your expensive upholstery as much as you could, or even not use them at all. However, if they do get subjected to staining and damage, you’d need to have it cleaned and fixed immediately, and appropriately.


It is funny but carpets and curtains that are being kept away and unused for too long can sometimes get worn out and stained, too. Some of the stains can be stubborn, and the damages hard to fix. This is why it might be a good idea to check on the stuff you’ve kept away, clean/wash and dry them every once in a while.

Inappropriate Cleaning

Damages from inappropriate cleaning can be quite bad. The wrong chemicals or cleaning agents, or equipment can cause severe damage and stains on your upholstery. That is why it is incredibly important to always opt for the correct way of maintenance, whether you do it at home or hand it to people outside.


The damage from neglect may not become noticeable for a while. However, one fine day, you might notice patches and tears on your carpet that you have no idea about how it even happened. This is a common scenario that results from poor maintenance – you don’t notice the slow damage and wearing out that is taking place until it becomes bad and noticeable. This is why you should make sure you pay attention to proper, regular maintenance, always!

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