Helpful Tips for Keeping Office Floors Tidy and Neat

Keeping offices tidy and sparkling clean is a priority for most businesses. After all, no one likes to work in a clutter-filled office. Tidy offices do more than offer pleasant workplaces though. Tidiness can also prevent commonplace accidents like slips and falls. As the benefits of a near office space are many, here are several tips for keeping workplaces as tidy as possible:

Encourage Employees to Do Their Own Cleaning for Minor Things

When the employees clean up after themselves, clutter seems to get rid of on its own. Employees, however, shouldn’t waste their time cleaning things. Still, they can clean up minor messes. For example, encourage employees to put all trash on their desktops in a trash can without expecting the janitors to do it. If they spill coffee, tell them to wipe it clean immediately before the liquid causes a problem. Likewise, make sure employees are not complete slobs when it comes to tidiness.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Don’t expect employees to do most of the tidying up. Hire a professional body corporate cleaning services to do the tough stuff on a scheduled basis. Clean up around an office isn’t limited to picking up clutter off the floor. There would be challenging tasks like getting all the windows clean, vacuuming floors, and sanitizing bathroom and kitchen equipment. Most of these tasks should be done on a scheduled basis so hiring a professional firm is the most efficient way to get things done.

Improve Storage Options around the Office to Eliminate Clutter

The best way to get rid of unwanted clutter is to provide places for employees to keep all their stuff. Make sure each individual workstation has enough drawers and cupboards for workers to place their things. It’s worthwhile to offer additional storage around the office as well. Buy furniture that comes with in-built storage to keep things. Install shelves or place filing cabinets for things as well. If clutter tends to gather around the office, it’s almost always an issue with storage, so make sure there’s no lack of it around the workplace.

Provide Multiple Trash Cans

Don’t want crumpled papers, filing pins, tissue paper and other trash being everywhere on the office floor? Then make sure employees have trash cans at the ready to dispose items quickly and conveniently. Placing small trash cans in the hallways and other parts of the office would also certainly help.

Ban Food at Workstations

Food easily creates messes, so it’s best if employees are not allowed to eat at their desks. If they do, make sure they clean up crumbs afterwards. However, don’t expect this to happen. It’s best to restrict all eating to the kitchen so other parts of the office don’t get messy.

Cleaning Supplies for Spills Should be Readily Available

While employees can limit themselves to eating only in the kitchen, they will certainly take their coffee cups with them to workstations. Spills are inevitable. When a spill occurs, the employee should have easy access to supplies to quickly clean up the mess. Janitors can pick up afterwards, but immediate cleaning is important as well.

The above tips should help your company develop a strong framework for keeping workspaces tidy and aesthetically pleasing. The neater the office is, the less risk there would be for accidents.

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