How To Care For Polished Concrete Floors

When we first move to a new home, we make it a point to clean every nook and cranny. But as time passes and the daily hustle and bustle of life catches up to us, we tend to not have the time and the energy to clean our home like the time when we first moved in.

Since our floors bear the most wear and tear, we have to make sure that they are properly looked after by scheduling a periodic deep clean and maintenance by applying polishing agents, using the right cleaning tools and avoiding harmful substances.

Schedule A Periodic Deep Cleaning And Maintenance (And Adhere To It!)

Polished floors are among the easiest to clean since dry dirt could just easily be swept while wet spillages could just be wiped. Even if it is easy to maintain, as homeowners, we have to make sure that this dirt and spillages are immediately cleaned to avoid any build ups (especially in the kitchen) which are harder to remove.

This is why a scheduled periodic deep cleaning and maintenance of polished floors is necessary, together with the daily morning and evening cleansing. The small particles that you consider harmless could actually “rub” on the floor’s polish making it look dull and lackluster. In order for your polished concrete floor to remain shiny, apply concrete polishing solutions during periodic deep cleaning and maintenance.

Use The Right Cleaning Tools

Even if you regularly clean your floor, if you are not using the right cleaning tools, your effort would be in vain. Even if polished concrete floors are durable and easy to clean, there is still a proper way to clean it to ensure that the finish and or the polish are not ruined. When you clean your polished floor, you first sweep it to make sure that all dirt and dust are removed.

Use brooms with soft bristles. Run your hand through it and if it feels hard to the touch, it might cause tiny scratches on your concrete floor. When it is time to mop, use a mop made out of soft microfiber, clean water and mild soap or detergent. If you are using automated cleaners, choose pads that are not abrasive to prevent etching and scratching.

Avoid Harmful Substances

There are homeowners who think that applying wax on their concrete floor would keep it shiny and protected. This is actually the opposite since wax will build up over time. If you want to keep your floor polished, opt for polishing solutions that are designed for concrete floors.

Avoid using degreasers as well because they are coarse and could dull the finish. Cleaning agents with acids are to be avoided too. Take the time to read the label and ingredients of a cleaning agent before purchasing it to clean your concrete floor.

If you just had your floor revamped into polished concrete flooring, make sure that it stays dry for the first three days to make sure that the sealers could do its job to preserve your newly installed floor. Adhering to this would ensure that your polished concrete floor would have the best defense against the daily foot traffic.

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