Issues Due to Untreated Moisture in a Flood Damaged Home

There can be a lot of damage to a home as a result of floods and there are certain long term issues that can arise as a result. When a flood damaged home is left for some time, there can be a high level of moisture inside which can lead to many issues that affect the safety and wellbeing of the occupants as well as affecting its structural integrity.

The most common issue you need to consider

When there is untreated moisture in the property is the growth of mould and mildew. The building materials will also have high level of moisture along with standing water which creates an ideal environment for mould growth. There will be unpleasant odours and health risks such as respiratory problems and allergies that can come from this. When you have a flood damaged home, you can contact a flood restoration service that will carry out water damage drying to first ensure the moisture level in the house is brought down. Moisture can also affect the structural integrity of the home as water saturated building materials can become compromised. For example, when the insulation, wood, drywall etc. are saturated with water, you will notice buckling floors, sagging ceilings etc. In severe cases, there can even be structural failure. Building materials can deteriorate when there is untreated moisture.

Moisture can also lead to electrical hazards as

The electrical system and wiring in your home can be damaged. This will increase the risk of electrical fires and short circuits. If there is moisture coming into contact with appliances and electrical outlets, it can lead to a safety risk. Wooden components in the home are most susceptible to decay when there is untreated moisture. When the framing, structural supports and floor joistsstart to rot, it will cause structural instability. You will need to spend a lot when it comes to repairing these and carrying out replacements. You may need to replace the entire structural framework in certain cases if this becomes compromised. There can be a lot of contaminants in the floodwater which can saturateelectronics, furniture, clothing etc. If these are not treated immediately, there can be permanent damage done. There will be stains and mould developed on the fabrics while waterlogged electronics will be inoperable.

The indoor air quality

Can go down as a result of untreated moisture issuessuch as mould and mildew. When there are mycotoxins and mould spores, there are many health issues that can come up such as respiratory issues. The comfort of the occupants will also be affected by poor indoor quality. Another issue you will face with excess moisture is the influx of pests such as carpenter ants and termites. These pests are attracted to damp or rotting wood and they will add to the existing issues by affecting the structure of the property. There are ongoing maintenance costs associated with untreated moisture as well because structural damage can progress.

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