Tips for Choosing Render Colours

Rendering can provide an additional protective layer to your home and there are so many textures and colours that you can experiment with. Due to the wide range of selection, you will need some time to think about which colours to go with for your next home improvement project.

And as the render can last for a long time, choosing a colour can be a big commitment. To narrow down your colour choices, you can view your house as a whole by looking at the neighbouring houses on either side of the house and the entire street. Do all your neighbours have a similar colour scheme or are there more freedom in how colours are chosen? You have to consider the impact of your colour choice on the street. Think about the design, architectural style and shape of the property. Your surroundings can help a lot when deciding the colour. Think about what colour will suit the style of your home the best, For example, there are certain colours that will give your house a more coastal or countryside look. You also need to think of what will match the rest of the street where your home is located. You can also give a modern appearance to the home depending on the colour you choose. You can also use more than one colour so that certain parts of the home can stand out. You can also look at recent trends to get an idea of how you can add an interesting twist.

You can choose a render that has hydrophobic qualities so that they offer a higher level of protection. Weather resistance renders can hold their colour better. Neutral colours are always timeless. But this depends on your preferences as well. You can choose a lighter and more vibrant or darker colour to create a highlight and add drama to the exterior design. It is best to stick to a maximum of two or three colours as using more than this can give a crowded or chaotic appearance. You can also add other materials to the exterior to add a touch of drama. For example, you can use metal cladding, stone or brickwork in combination with the render. This will elevate your exterior design.

If you want a more modern outlook on the exterior, you can go for greys and whites. You can also choose different textures based on preference. There is a sense of minimalism and simplicity with the greys. You can add touches of colour to the overall appearance with what you select for the indoor blinds, decorative elements, planters, and contrasting colours. You can also use grey and white in combination. You also have to consider the exterior fittings and features in the home. You can choose a colour that complements the fences, pavers, front door colours, garage doors, light fittings etc. If your driveway and the landscape are more or less neutral, you can use vibrant colour to help the building stand out.

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