What Kind of Flooring Should You Have in Your House?

A house is incomplete without a roof. Likewise, the finishing of the house is half-done without fine flooring. Flooring plays a vital aspect in interior design, as it is the highlight that beautifies the whole space. Deciding on a type of flooring can get tough with the variety of options available.

Before You Start

Let’s begin by discussing how to select the ideal flooring material for your space; by looking at the various factors. Firstly, determine your budget, how much are you willing to spend. As it is, either you can go with one option for all the rooms; or, each room has a specific style of floor decor- you can opt-in for that.

Following that, select the room that needs an urgent upgrade. On this page, we will be discussing the flooring for the three main spaces in a house. That is the hall, kitchen, and bathroom. As mentioned above, some materials may suit one room but not another. For example, wooden flooring may be the best choice for a living area, as it brings out a classy look. However, it is not the ideal choice for the bathroom.

Therefore, one must consider which flooring suits the type of room. There are various ways of flooring; from concrete flooring to hardwood flooring- so there is no right or wrong; choose what suits and is best for you. Furthermore, you can also use the net to get ideas and be inspired.

For instance, search for designs like fumed wood, concrete tiles, and distressed wood, vintage black & white, and more. Places like Karndean design flooring stores can guide you in selecting the ideal flooring materials.

Let’s get deeper into how each room now. Here below, we will discuss the suitable flooring strategy for each room.

The first space is the heart of every household. Yes, you guessed it right- the kitchen.

·         Kitchen

It is an area which has high traffic. Plus, most commonly used room by almost everyone. It is also the place where delicious meals are cooked, and sometimes, even warm milk is spilled.  So evidently, kitchen flooring should have low maintenance and easy to clean features.

Moreover, it should also have long durability. The flooring solutions also need to be 100% waterproof, keeping in mind, it can get very slippery. Thus, it could be a terrifying incident if someone slipped towards the stove, and it was on.

Hence, this is a brief that can help you select the right flooring material. Besides, ceramic styles, linoleum, concrete, and natural stones are suitable for a kitchen.

·         Bathrooms

As mentioned above, wood flooring is not an ideal choice for washrooms. It can be easily damaged by absorbing the water and forming a swell. Therefore, the flooring should sustain even in regular water usage. Flooring like ceramic tiles or tiles made from limestone is ideal for a   bathroom.

·         Hall

It is a place where everyone gathers, whether it is family members or guests. Thus, to bring this space an aesthetic outlook, hardwood flooring is a good option. It also keeps warmth and is durable.

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